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I was recommended to meet Emilie in May by my wife as I was going through an intense stress period affecting my personal and professional life.

Throughout the sessions, Emilie helped me to regain confidence and understand the root cause of my anxiety and keep the positive momentum while getting advice and tips to avoid falling back into the negative spiral.

Emilie's hypnotherapy skills are fantastic. It's an absolute pleasure to let yourself be guided to the light by Emilie.  Her hypnotherapy techniques, her listening and understanding skills and strategy helped me to walk out of the negative circle I was stuck in.

With her support, I was able to bring back optimism in my life and keep negativity at bay.

I’m looking forward to working with Emilie again and would highly recommend her. F.D.

After 5 Sessions (of hypnotherapy) I feel like a brain new super positive person. Emilie's special gift is the calm kindness and patience that makes one comfortable and understood. I definitely recommend her. S.G. 

"I suffer from an anxiety disorder, stress, panic attacks, and anger that I struggle to manage. Emilie has been very patient, understanding, and helpful since our very first session. She helped me understand how life works and helped me learn how to address and have a positive response and outlook on my life, problems, and when I am in an argument. And I have noticed that there have been subtle shifts in my thoughts and perspectives from negative thoughts processing to positive thoughts. I have also gotten better at managing my emotions and thoughts. She has also helped me remind myself that I am loved, supported and that I am not alone in this battle. Thank you Emilie, for your patience and support!" D.P.

Although I had no preconceived idea of what hypnotherapy was, I did not initially feel particularly drawn to it. But what Emilie has helped me understand and accept, thanks to her methods and way of driving the sessions, was beyond what I could imagine. The sessions I had were very powerful and unleashed a lot of emotions and understanding. S.R.

The hypnotherapy sessions were impactful, helpful and rewarding. Among several areas, the most notable ones were:

1) Guiding me to review my behaviours, perceptions and sensations towards guilt and physical pain. In doing so, it has enabled me to develop a platform for ongoing self-reflection, change and transformation.

2) Allowing me the opportunity to revisit past events and incidents to get clarity on my feelings towards them. This, at times, gave me assurance while other times, challenged me to look deeper into how such events had and still can impact my mind’s interpretations.

3) Providing tips and tools I could take away to use in the future, e.g., self-hypnotherapy, insights on the conscious and subconscious mind working together, etc.

Overall I’m very grateful for Emilie’s professional support throughout the process of hypnotherapy. Thank you! E.K.

I went to see Emilie mainly because I find Hypnotherapy quite fun. I planned to work on simple things with Emilie like standing up for myself and higher self-esteem, etc. I didn’t think it was bad for me but I wanted to see what it would be like to clear away even the slightest of things that were in my way of living my best life.  

Emilie helped me to remove blocks that were so deeply ingrained in me that, to me, they were just a part of what made up the world in general and hence, I had no way around them. To me, unconsciously, they were just a part of the laws of the universe, like gravity… until I stopped and consciously decided that these were just thoughts I was thinking that weren’t serving me and truly felt in my body and mind and conscience what I was truly capable of as a creative human being I had come into my power and alignment. I felt better than I ever had mentally.  

I believe, because of this, that I am now a lot kinder to myself. I feel very quickly when I am not in a good mental space and do my exercises that Emilie gave me to bring myself to a place of better alignment. She gave me lots of mental tools to use if I ever feel not my best.  D.P.K.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted enormously from the hypnotherapy sessions. Emilie is thorough, methodical and adaptable.  She ensures that I am fully informed of how hypnotherapy works and what to expect. She is also kind and compassionate.  Emilie is able to tailor each session according to my progress; as a result, my sleep issue is resolved.
Thank you, Emilie, for all your help. I would highly recommend Emilie to anyone who might like to use hypnotherapy as a tool for their well-being. J.L.

I came to see Emilie to learn about myself and understand through the hypnosis to positive the negative image I had. There is still a path to continue, but with the tools Emilie taught me, I am confident I can change the way I think. A. V.


L’hypnose m’aide beaucoup, je suis arrivée il y a quelques mois dans le cabinet d’Emilie et j’ai l’impression d'être transformée! Nos conversations avant l’hypnose me fait le plus grand bien et me permet de me rendre compte de ce qui ne va pas et que tous les tracas sont en fait facilement résolvables.

L’hypnose en soit est tres interessante. J’ai au debut écouter les enregistrements pour me familiariser avec la voix d’Emilie. Puis a chaque séance je suis arrivée a me laisser transporter dans mon subconscient.

Je continue a écouter l’audio sur ma premiere hypnose et après je me beaucoup mieux.

J’essaie aussi l'auto hypnose pour me calmer quand je suis contrariée.

Encore un grand merci a Emilie cette incroyable personne! Et son optimisme et positivisme a toute épreuve. N.S.

Grâce aux consultations téléphoniques inédites et révolutionnaires avec Emilie Clairet, je mets en place mon vrai Moi et comprends que les soucis nutritionnels viennent d'abord du mental. C'est donc par la guérison de notre Etre profond qu'il faut commencer, afin que le corps aille beaucoup mieux N. F.

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